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Our Services

From high spec cabin cruisers, and inland waterways craft, to sailing yachts and narrowboats, we provide a full range of cleaning services to ensure all craft are maintained in the best possible way, using high-quality products, manufactured to exacting standards.


We are happy to tailor any of these services to your bespoke requirements and frequency of maintenance.

We offer advice and guidance along the way so that each customer can benefit from our combined experience and peace of mind knowing that all their boating needs will be looked after by those who care.


To ensure only the highest quality products are used, we have a combination of our own unique manufactured, non-abrasive products, as well as conventional methods of machine compound polishing and waxing providing a professional finish to your boat.



Our professional washdown service will take care of the day-to-day build-up of surface dirt and scuff marks, leaving your boat beautifully clean and presentable. Whilst this is offered as an ad hoc service, we usually recommend a regular washdown service is carried out as part of an ongoing maintenance plan to ensure your boat is in tip-top condition all year round, ready for you and your guests to enjoy.


The service includes:


  • Removal of basic surface dirt

  • Removal of obvious marks and scuffs

  • Attention to detail such as windows, rails, fenders and the removal of watermarks, finally leaving the cockpit area clean, presentable and ready for use.

Full Clean & Polish

Full Clean & Polish

A full clean, polish and wax will ensure your boat stands out from the crowd and is the envy of the marina. Nothing is overlooked; not a watermark, nor a tree sap stain. Your boat will be restored to its former glory, with the attention to detail and care it deserves.


The service includes:


  • Removal of basic surface dirt

  • Removal of obvious marks, scuffs and light scratches

  • Machine compound polishing

  • Stain removal

  • Waxing

  • Attention to specific areas, such as windows, rails, fenders and vinyl seating


If the boat is out of the water, we are able to fully attend to the hull sides giving a detailed clean from the water line to the rubbing strake, removing limescale, boot-line stains, scuffs and light scratches; finally compound polishing and waxing to provide a first class, gleaming result.

Using the correct cleaning products is vital to maintaining the boat. We use unique environmentally friendly, biodegradable and non-abrasive cleaners and stain removers that remove scuff marks, exhaust stains, drops of varnish, rust stains, yellowing, unsightly staining along the boot-line and other accumulated blemishes, leaving your boat looking sparkling clean.​

Canopy Clean & Repair


Canopy Clean & Re-proof










Clean, Protect, Maintain

A canopy should be just as much part of your cleaning maintenance programme as the rest of the boat. A tired or stained canopy or cover will significantly detract from the boat’s overall appearance.


We also operate a first-class nationwide canopy cleaning and reproofing service including repairs and alterations, all just a phone call away.

We'd love to hear about your requirements

Teak Cleaning & Refurbishment

Teak Cleaning & Refurbishment


To bring your beautiful teak surfaces back to their former glory, we use a three-part process.


  • Deep cleaning
    removes stains, scuffs and marks


  • Brightening
    restores teak to its natural colour


  • Treatment
    dressing with a choice of high-quality products to restore colour to owner's preference​

Regular & Bespoke Boat Maintenance

Regular & Bespoke Boat Maintenance


Owning a boat of any size takes time and dedication. With this in mind, we are able to take care of all your boating maintenance requirements – all year round.


Regular Washdown Service


To maintain your boat in first-class condition throughout the year we provide a fixed price regular washdown service on a continuous rolling basis at a frequency that suits your needs.


This service is a full washdown of all accessible external surfaces from the waterline up to the cabin door, which includes stain removal, the cleaning of all fenders, windows, bright work and watermarks. Over the winter our service will also include checking the heating and general onboard security.


The added benefit of the regular washdown service is that it also entitles you to significant discounts on our other services. No pressure or ‘hard sell’ – the terms of the agreement are completely flexible.


Bespoke Maintenance Programme


Many of our clients prefer to benefit from year-round enhanced cleaning services that are tailored to their unique requirements. To ensure those individual needs are fulfilled, we offer a complete and tailored maintenance programme.​


Stain Removal


Using our own unique, custom made environmentally friendly, non-abrasive and biodegradable chemicals we are able to remove stains and marks that other service providers would find it difficult to deal with safely.


Just one typical example would be the very problematic and costly damage where the hot swarf from an inappropriately used angle grinder leaves tiny fragments of hot metal embedded in the gel coat, this then rusts and gives the appearance of ‘freckles’ on the surface. After a couple of days' treatment from our fully trained valeter, these stains will have been completely removed leaving the surface clean and prepared for polishing.


Typical stain issues include:

  • Tree sap stains

  • Rust marks

  • Anchor chain locker marks

  • Yellow stains in non-slip decking

  • Oil-based stains

  • Oil spillages/exhaust fume stains

Stain Removal

Internal Valet


Whilst the outside of your boat is on permanent view, the inside is just as important to the overall enjoyment of your boating experience.

We take every care with internal belongings and ensure that the inside of your boat is left clean, tidy and presentable.


A typical internal valet will include the following:

  • Clean all hard surfaces – including galley/equipment e.g. grill, cooker etc.

  • Clean ceiling, walls and floors

  • Vacuuming of soft furnishings and headlining

  • Bathroom, shower and heads


In addition, we offer a shampoo clean of carpets and if required, a detailed clean of the headlining removing unsightly staining from mould growth and mildew.

Internal Valet

Other Services


  • Bilge cleaning
    We undertake cleaning of the engine bay and areas below the bottom levels of decking. We are licensed to safely remove and dispose of any contaminated water. 

  • Anti-fouling
    A vital part of boat maintenance; once in dry docks we can take care of the full cleaning and anti-foul work from keel to waterline including masking up, re-setting the waterline and limescale removal. 

  • Crash damage and repairs plus insurance work
    We carry out accident damage, insurance work, gel coat repairs and scratch removal. 

  • Painting
    Where appropriate, we can take care of any painting needs using high-quality paint products to best match your boat’s surface requirements. 

Other Services



Over the years we have successfully provided our services to a large number of narrowboat owners on the inland waterways around the UK.


Narrowboats exhibit unique characteristics and therefore we use specially formulated cleaning products, designed to enhance and maintain each narrowboat in the best possible condition.


The majority of our narrowboat customers use our full clean, machine polish and wax of cabin sides and in most cases we are able to remove oxidised paintwork, providing an economical alternative to a repaint.


Our dedicated narrowboat services include:

  • Washdown

  • Machine compound polish and wax

  • Internal valeting

  • Canopy cleaning, reproofing and repairs

  • Bilge and engine cleaning

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