Our Services

Full clean and polish


From high spec cabin cruisers, and inland waterways craft, to sailing yachts and narrowboats, we provide a full range of cleaning services to ensure all craft are maintained in the best possible way, using high quality products, manufactured to exacting standards.

We are happy to tailor any of these services to your bespoke requirements and frequency of maintenance.

We offer advice and guidance along the way so that each customer can benefit from our combined experience and peace of mind knowing that all their boating needs will be looked after by those who care.

To ensure only the highest quality products are used, we have a combination of our own unique manufactured, non-abrasive products, as well as conventional methods of machine compound polishing and waxing providing a professional finish to your boat.

Contact us on 01733 572496 or 07736 434234 to find out more information on our services.

"Chris and the GR Pro Clean crew have transformed my boat, giving it some much needed TLC, a series of jobs were completed with faultless organisation and detailed communication. Just after the work was completed a nearby berth holder commented that he had been watching them most of the day and not only had the guys done a great job but that they showed a lot of care towards the boat whilst doing it. I really couldn't have asked for more."

Andrew Wall, Applause - Shepperton Marina